Tailored Multi-family Laundry Rental

Customized equipment to fit your space and budget

$0 Upfront cost

0 Lease amount per machine per month

Lease Durable Speedqueen Equipment

With no upfront costs, now’s the time to lease durable, hard-working machines with the latest technology for the most convenient resident experience. No matter what type of multi-family operation you manage –apartments, RV parks, college campuses or other multi-family complexes –we’ll work with your specific facility’s needs and continue routine scheduled maintenance to reduce downtime. And, with our partnership, you can enjoy revenue sharing options and reduced utility costs.

A multi-family equipment lease focused on your bottom-line

Equipment leasing with Southeastern gets you operating efficiently, faster. Here’s what you get:

Access to new, energy-efficient equipment—with no upfront expenses

Service and parts included in your monthly cost

No unplanned charges when machines break, so you can plan your budget

No credit check required

100% tax deductible equipment leasing

Featured commercial equipment

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Our experienced team can offer you options regardless of the size of equipment you need.